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Torgoviy dom OMZ
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OMBP, is the leading supplier of sucker rods to the CIS.
Oil field equipment Metal works fabrication Metal Machining Railcar Wheel Repair Shops

About us

Ocher Machine Building Plant, (open joint-stock company) is one of the oldest enterprises in the Western Urals. The plant is located in a picturesque landscape of Central Russia, in the Ocher town. It is 125 km away from the Perm airport (1.5 hour) and 23 km away from Vereschagino railway station (25 minutes).

The production departments and facilities occupy the land area of about forty five thousand square meters.

The plant has around a thousand employees including 165 engineers and technicians. A highly-skilled personnel of Engineering Department is ready to deal with any production tasks: from preproduction arrangements in line with the customers project to project development from zero point and release of a pilot lot.

The plant was established in 1795 by the order of empress Ekaterina for roofing iron production. Skilled experts of the Ocher plant were widely known across the Urals. Its products were as highly valued back then, as they are now, and met the world quality standards acknowledged by a stamp with national emblem on each product, and called eagle iron. Today, as it was 240 years ago, the plant employees work in good faith fighting against any challenges to follow the rule of the Ocher workers to produce only top quality goods.

In 1969, the production volume of suker rods was increased to 300 thousand, making a million of suker rods per year in 1984. In addition to equipment for oil companies, we now provide metal machining services, a wide range of repair services for train wheel sets and manufacturing of various metal structures.

We produce top quality goods and provide best service. In 1977, our plant was the only enterprise in Russia with then-current Quality System for manufacturing of oil field equipment to be certified for compliance with American Petroleum Institute (API), International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001 : 1994 (E)) and Gosstandart of Russia (GOST).

Our products are available for sale

  • through the Torgoviy dom OMZ sales of oil field equipment.
  • through the Sales Department (oil field equipment, steel work and machining).
  • through the Marketing Department (Railcar Wheel Repair Shop).
Ocher Machine Building Plant, has a lot of challenging targets to be achieved. It pursues dynamic innovation policy, applies high technology, adopts new products, builds business relationships with Western partners, reinforces customer relations and involves top-notch industry experts.
he plant works in cooperation with many enterprises and organizations operating in our region.

Torgoviy dom OMZ is the authorized representative of Ocher Machine Building Plant, . Torgoviy dom OMZ has been carrying out supply, sales and representative activities since February 1, 1998. It provides marketing of the complete range of equipment produced by the plant. It is entitled to advertise and set prices for the products. The marketing policy conducted by Torgoviy dom OMZ as agreed by the management of Ocher Machine Building Plant, together with quality and manufacturability improvement activities enable the plant to provide scheduled supplies of oil field equipment to all oil companies in Russia and Former Soviet Republics under direct long-term Contracts and Agreements for more than 8 years. Torgoviy dom OMZ together with Ocher Machine Building Plant, is a long-standing and constant participant of annual oil and gas exhibitions in Moscow and Almaty.

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The enterprise started to produce various kinds of metal blanks to finished products, among which are the installation of a car rig ARB-100 for JSC Kungursky mashzavod "...
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