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“Torgoviy dom OMZ”
#1, Bdlng. 11A, Novinskiy avenue, 121099, Moscow

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“OMBP”, is the leading supplier of sucker rods to the CIS.
Oil field equipment Metal works fabrication Metal Machining Railcar Wheel Repair Shops

The wide product range includes all kinds of component parts for production treble, oil field equipment, and component parts for Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant facilities; reduction gears, transmission brackets, hoisting blocks for Kungur plant; as well as stocking of parts and assemblies for the products manufactured by the fabrication shop.

The shop machinery:
Hoisting machinery:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Bracket-swing cranes
Process machinery:
  • • Lathes, including CNC lathes
  • • Vertical boring and turning machine
  • • Milling machines
  • • Drilling machines
  • • Boring machines (including CNC boring machines and machining center unit IS800 PMF4)
  • • Grinding machines
  • • Broaching machines
  • • Gear-making machines

The turning lathes are used for turning cylindrical, tapered, formed surfaces, boring straight and conical bores; end faces machining; male and female threads cutting, including conical threads; drilling, coredrilling and counterboring; cutting, trimming, etc.

Drilling machines can be used for machining of various holes, tapping threads, coredrilling, counterboring accurate to 8 accuracy degree.

Boring machines (2A622F4 spindle diameter 110 mm, 2637GF-1 spindle diameter 160 mm) and machining center unit IS 800 PMF4 bench dimensions 800*800 mm make it possible to process box-shaped workpieces with overall dimensions 1,600х1,800х1,400. The machines allow for boring, drilling, coredrilling, counterboring, surface milling accurate to 8 accuracy degree and with roughness parameter up to Ra 2.5.

Gear-making machines (53A80N, 5B312, 5B150) of two types: gear-milling and gear shaping machines. Gear-milling machines are designed for toothing straight spur gears and helical gears with up to 800 mm diameter and up to 10 mm module.

Broaching machine 7534 is designed for inside broaching. The machine makes it possible to obtain spline openings and key grooves.

Milling machines (6R12B, 6T83G, VM127) can be used for milling outer and inner surfaces of various configurations, grooves cutting. The maximum size of workpieces to be processed on milling machines is 320х1,250х200. CNC milling machine 6T13FZ can be used for making complex shape workpieces.

Circular grinding machine 3A164 can be used for processing workpieces with 40-400 mm diameter and with length up to 1,800 mm.

Surface grinding machine 3D722 allows fro grinding plane surfaces by the periphery of the grinding wheel. The maximum size of the product under grinding is 320х1,000х400 mm.

Spline-milling machines 5350B, HECLERT allow for milling slot recesses, straight-sided, and involute splines. The maximum diameter of the workpiece under processing is 150 mm, length 1,000 mm.

The machining shop is located in the 5th aisle of the main process building and occupies about 4,500 m2 of floor space.
The total number of personnel currently employed in the shop amounts to one hundred persons of the following main occupations:
lathe operators, CNC operators, lathe and boring machines operators, milling machine operators, drillers, etc.; some of them are the best workers in the industry.

The shop workers display great commitment and perform their duties in industrious and scrupulous way. Thanks to this, the shop is capable of executing even very complex orders on a tight schedule.

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The enterprise started to produce various kinds of metal blanks to finished products, among which are the installation of a car rig ARB-100 for JSC Kungursky mashzavod "...
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