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OMBP, is the leading supplier of sucker rods to the CIS.
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  • March. Office of Torgoviy dom OMZ meets his customers at the new address!
    To accommodate the office management of the company chose a mansion, which is under the supervision of Moscomarchitecture and situated in the historical center of Moscow. At various times, the mansion belonged to the son of the head of Moscow Mr. Shcherbatov, before Mr. Obolensky. The building has been completely renovated in 2007. Fully preserved its original architectural appearance.
    Good transport accessibility to the exits on the main thoroughfare of the city, close to metro stations, large comfortable rooms - all this creates favorable conditions for fruitful work.
    We are pleased to invite our customers into a new office.

  • March 10, In line with the plant traditions, OMBP Winter Olympic Games were held among the plant employees on the Ocher pond on March 6, 2010. There were representatives of all department teams, as well as veterans taking part in the Olympic Games to win the prize.
    The event included four activities:
    -fishermen contest;
    -1500-meter cross-country skiing pursuit race;
    -relay race;
    -result announcement; fish soup.

    The fishermen were the first to start. They went deep into the thick ice layer. Each fisherman made a choice between two tactics either to search for the fish actively within the specified water area or to put out the bait and sit there patiently awaiting the fishermans luck.
    The active search turned out to be a best tactics, and the luckiest fisherman was the representative of the Slag Processing Shop who won by a head.
    Then skiers stepped on the icy surface of pond. Womens team stood out against other participants, with their beauty and brave attitude. As usual, the plant veterans showed the most active and disciplined attitude as compared to others.
    The best results were shown by the renowned Rod Making Shop, both by mens and womens teams. However, the representatives of Machine Assembly Department came in first among veterans.
    Finally, the team relay race took place being the most popular and spectacular event. Each department was instructed to compose one or more teams by selecting appropriate people and assigning roles within a team.
    When the relay race plan was developed, coordinators were aimed to improve the team spirit.
    Therefore, the plan was worked out to include activities requiring team work. The team leaders had to consider strengths and abilities of their teams and to select a proper substitute for each section (the relay race was divided in three sections: cross-country skiing, speed skiing, shooting). The Railcar Wheel Repair Shop team had shown the best results. At the closing of the event, everybody could enjoy the delicious fish soup made of the catch.
  • August 18, 2009. Mikhail Vladimirovich Nekrasov, Chief Executive Officer, OMBP, , has announced at the Board Meeting that the oil companies have shown increased demand for recovery of sucker rods under the unique technology of Ocher Machine Building Plant, .
    In July, the order for recovery of 1670 used sucker rods placed by OAO Udmurtneft was increased to 3500 sucker rods. Thus, in 2009, only this division of Rosneft Oil and Gas Company will be delivered approximately 30,000 recovered rods which have undergone the complete sucker rod manufacturing cycle.
    The oil companies have shown great interest in recovered 8-mm long rods which have recently appeared in the production reports and meet all requirements of the oil companies and GOST for new sucker rods.
  • July. A 40-day work shift started on July 6 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Rod Making Shop. At the end of this period, the best production workers and engineers of Rod Making Shop will be chosen. There are 20 categories for 43 general professions. The winners will be awarded with valuable prizes and annual monetary grants. Moreover, the title The Best in Profession Expert 2009 will be awarded to the best employees in nine profession categories.
    History Background
    In 1969, Chief Directorate for Alternative Fuel and Gas controlled by USSR Council of Ministers issued an order for Ocher Machine Building Plant to launch production of sucker rods for the thriving oil industry. Our plant was the first in the USSR to manufacture the sucker rods. Before that, all rods were imported from the USA and purchased for gold. The pilot lot consisting of 30 thous. Sucker rods was released in December, 1969. In 1978, the USSR State Standard gave our plant the second Quality Mark for deep-sucker rods which were one of the main production lines.
  • June. Metal Structure Making Shop has mastered the new products for line VL 500 (anchor and angle supports, grids, bus arrangement). The first lot has been shipped to the customer. The range of metal structures is planned to be extended.

    An authorization of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of the Russian Federation has been received for the sucker rods and couplings produced in any size to be installed and used. The copy of authorization document can be viewed on page Oil Field Equipment.
    June 1, 2009. Ocher Machine Building Plant has shipped the first lot of customized metal structures for construction of field facilities at the new oil deposit of Slavneft, OAO. The customers technical service put a high value on the quality of manufactured products. Ocher Machine Building Plant has been providing Slavneft Oil Company with the oil extraction equipment for many years. As a result of supply of metal structures, a new area of cooperation was added to the ones that have been already explored by the companies.

  • May 1, 2009. As a result of analyses carried out in order to solve the problem of well-sealing failure occurred due to wall abrasion of the oil-well tubing (NKT) by the rod couplings, which had been communicated to the plant engineers by the production service of Oil and Gas Production Department of the Nizhnevartovsk region, a new design of Rod Couplings with Anti-Friction Coating had been worked out, patented and put into production in February and March, 2009. The pilot lots of these couplings are now being tried in wells SNGDU-1 and SNGDU-2 of OAO Samotlorneftgaz.
  • April 1, 2009. Ocher Machine Building Plant has completed the packaged supply of deep-pumping equipment to KazMunaiGaz, the biggest division of State Kazakhstan Oil Producing Corporation.
    The total cost of the supplied equipment including pivot sucker rods ShNSh (to prevent folding and excess stress in a sucker rod), rod rotors ShV (to increase the efficiency of oil-well tubing (NKT) cleaning from asphaltene and paraffin deposits and to prevent folding) and sucker rods with scraper and centralizer of various designs, exceeded RUR 31 mln.
  • March 1, 2009. Within Sucker Rod Recovery Development Program with implementation of unique technology of Ocher Machine Building Plant, , a remote division of Ocher Machine Building Plant has been established in late 2008, as a sucker rod field repair shop for OOO Rosneft-Krasnodarneftegaz, the major oil producing company in the south of Russia affiliated to Rosneft Oil Company.
    The shop is capable of controlling and repairing of more than 60 thous. Sucker rods per year. Upon approval, sucker rods are subjected to a number of repair procedures in the shop (removal of scrapers, cleaning, flaw detection, thread check, shaping and welding of scrapers).
    The sucker rods which prove to be unrepairable by application of standard technology will be delivered to Ocher Machine Building Plant for recovery procedures including cutting of the chamfer section, forging, thermal treatment, treatment by shot, threading, fitting of a new coupling and welding of scrapers).
    The pilot lot of repaired sucker rods was delivered to the customers in March, 2009.
    Comprehensive approach to recovery of the sucker rod properties allows for significant cost savings in view of oil extraction by a sucker rod system and increase in operational efficiency of deep-pumping equipment. It has a great importance now when the signs of crisis can be seen in the global economics situation and the prices have lost their stability.
  • New pass entry system with badges and computer-aided registration entered into operation in April.
  • Plant management shift took place in April. Fyodor Vladimirovich Kolesnikov, ex-Deputy Chief Executive for Production and Sales, was appointed Chief Executive of OOO OMZ Managing Company.
  • In 2006, OMZ celebrates its 245-year anniversary. The celebration event took place in local Recreation Center on the Machine Engineer Day September 23. The winners of professional skill contests were awarded.
  • OOO Ocher Managing Company was established with direct involvement of Ocher Machine Building Plant to manage the housing stock.
  • A new facility for Central Plant Laboratory was reconstructed and repaired. A large sum of money was spent on equipment for new laboratory.
  • Annual Quality Management System Audit was carried out by K. Polyakov, auditor of American Petroleum Institute, on October 16-19. After the audit procedure was completed, K. Polyakov issued a favourable audit report on the Quality Management System existing at the plant.
  • On December 29, Non-Destructive Inspection Laboratory was certified by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.
  • An auditor of American Petroleum Institute visited the plant. He had carried out checks of sucker rod engineering and production processes. The audit confirmed that the suker rods manufactured by the plant corresponded to the API certificate, and that the plant quality system complies with ISO-9001.
  • Plans for brush cutter production failed although a prototype model had been purchased and production requests had been collected. However, when the time came to make the ideas more concrete, the potential customers appeared to be not ready for their implementation.
  • In the fist quarter of 2004, a new product cable protection duct (KZK) was launched under the contract with Sibneft. This period saw an increase in production volume of this product and expansion of its market. OMBP found new partners including those in our Urals region.
  • According to the resolution of the board of directors, Ocher Machine Building Plant was merged with Gratis-Poliform, a firm which had proven to be a faithful business partner and had carried out its activity at the plant facilities for many years. It is now a business unit of Ocher Machine Building Plant.
  • Scraper and Cable Band Making Shop (TsSK), a new business unit of OMBP, started official operation on April 1, 2004.
  • Big investments were made to improve the material and technical base of the plant. They were used to repair the heat-treatment furnaces, to purchase a new truck and equipment for new shop, and to carry out repairs in Administrative and Living Quarters (ABK)
  • In July 2004, a business plan for organization and development of new production wheel set repair was presented to the Board of Directors. The first wheel set was planned to be released in November, 2004. The total capacity was to be achieved in January, 2005.
  • The memorable event of 2004 was a professional skill contest held among the lathe operators and blacksmiths. In addition to champion ribbons, the winners will receive monthly premium determined by the plant management during the whole year.
  • The plant museum celebrated its 17th anniversary. More than 10 thous. pieces are exhibited in its storerooms; they have been collected and decorated by the plant veterans voluntarily. The veteran choir had its 20th anniversary at the same date as well.

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