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“OMBP”, is the leading supplier of sucker rods to the CIS.
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Sucker rods
Sucker rods are designed for transmission of translational or rotational motion from ground drive to the well pump for oil extraction. The rods are round cross-section bars whose ends are provided with upset heads and thread. The rods can be rigged with various centralizers, to protect rods, couplings, and oil well tubing from wear; rods can be additionally provided with mobile scrapers for removal of paraffin deposits. "D" class sucker rods (as per API specification) display enhanced strength and anticorrosion properties, and are highly competitive in terms of quality with the products of world famous manufacturers.
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Sucker rod couplings
Sucker rod couplings are designed for coupling of sucker rods with the same diameter into a string. They vary in type-sizes that correspond to rods. Rod bushings have different threading on both sides. They are designed for intercoupling of rods with different diameters.
It is recommended that centralizers be used on the rods for reduction of rod string and oil well tubing wear.
Polished rods
Polished rods are designed for connecting sucker rod strings to beam pumping units via polished rod packing. The rods are round cross-section bars.
Polished rod couplings
Polished rod couplings are designed for connecting of the polished rod to the top rod of the string. Contrary to rod couplings, polished rod couplings have a female cone that eliminates the coupling twist-off in the course of operation.
Wear sleeve (cable protection duct), stamped
Designed to attach the cable to the tubing and to protect it from damage during oil submersible centrifugal pumps
Clutch rod pumping with tread
Designed to connect the bars in the column. Couplings are different from conventional sucker rod couplings by the presence of tread wear-resistant material. Couplings with protector reduces wear on the pipe tubing and rod increases the reliability of the column.
Polished rod packings
Polished rod packings are designed for wellhead sealing, elimination of oil leaks between the polished rod and the packing seal. Application: oil wells under conditions of moderate and frigid climatic regions. The mounting thread of the inferior and outlet conjunction, of pipeline is pipe thread as per API 5В for plain oil well tubing and couplings to the same, inch (mm) 27/8 (73).
Rod rotors
Rod rotors are designed for rotating the sucker rods string for oil extraction with sucker rod pumps. Rotation of the rod string counter to the thread turn-off direction ensures rods integrity in the course of operation and prevents voluntary unscrewing. Application: oil wells in moderate and frigid climatic regions.
Wear sleeve (cable protection duct)
The wear sleeve is designed for cable attachment to oil well tubing and protection of the cable against damage for oil extraction by electric submersible pumps. The duct consists of a cast body and clamps. The clamps are fixed with pivoted bolts. For mounting convenience, a set of ducts is complete with a socket wrench. Along with a cast wear sleeve (protection duct) for the cable, the pressed wear sleeve manufacturing technology has been successfully adopted.
Locks of polished rods
Locks of polished rods are designed for crimping of the polished rod and retention of the sucker rods string on the suspension of the beam-pumping unit for oil upwelling.
Cable attachment belt
The cable attachment belt is designed for power cable attachment to oil well tubing (NKT) for oil extraction by electric submersible pumps. The belt consists of interconnected metal band and clasp. The cable is attached to the oil well tubing by means of a loop clamp of the belt, after that the belt is tightened with a special wrench. Various wrench designs are manufactured under special order.
The oil field equipment manufacturing shop is located in the main production building of the shops suite with total area about 25 thous sq.m. The shops suite consists of six aisles, four of which accommodate the rod manufacturing shop.
Currently, about three hundred persons are engaged in the shop operation. Occupations: blacksmith – press operator, thermit setup man a/p, lathe operator – packager, machine assembly man, wide profile machine operators, etc. Many shop workers are competent in allied trades, i.e. there is interoperability required to meet the requirements of flow-production (forging, heat treatment, machining, scrapers welding, packaging). All workers have qualification and rating that correspond the requirements of the mechanical process.
The main part of equipment is designed for specific purposes, such as sucker rod manufacturing, rod coupling manufacturing, and are represented by horizontal forging machines, Minsk automatic machines (rods), Kiev automatic machines (couplings). The shop capacities provide for production of up to 1 million sucker rods per year. Retooling and improvement of the old equipment stock, as well as purchasing of new equipment have been currently underway.

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